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The financial analysis performed by the bond portfolio manager or investor on the companies, municipalities, individuals, governments, or any debt issuing entity is referred to as credit analysis. It is done to know if the issuer will be able to meet the obligations of the debt. The appropriate default risk level identifies using credit analysis, which may be associated with the investments in the specific entity’s debt instruments.

At LGS Financial and Mortgage Services, we use a systematic approach that helps us analyze your partners’ standing of credit, your bank, or an individual if requested. Using our specific policy, we can assure the attributes and obtain meaningful information of profiles of risk and return. Using the quantitative and qualitative tools and identifying the essential factors, we can help you drive your performance in the future and see how your credit scoring will be affected by them. Some credit loans are covered by our service, that includes:

  • Conduit loans
  • Cash-out loans
  • Purchase loans
  • Refinancing loans
  • Conventional bank loans
  • Expansion loans

If you want to get a credit analysis done in NEWPORT BEACH, CA, contact LGS Financial and Mortgage Services.

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